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Modern Product Information Management (PIM) software solutions offer great tools to enrich, improve and maintain product data. The philosophy of a PIM-solution is to centralize all product information needed for various external and internal channels, so that it’s readily available when needed for planning, design, marketing, release, and sales processes.

You might have an existing PIM-software solution, but is your product data actually properly maintained? Are you getting best value out of your current solution? Is your business growing, and you’re looking for a PIM-solution?

Perhaps your business objectives have changed. Maybe you’re simply looking for additional manpower for some unallocated tasks.

A few more reasons why product information management might be good idea as service:

  • Optimize your resources and focus on developing & selling your products 
  • Increase profits by maximising the potential of your current solutions 
  • Facilitate your upscaling by optimizing your available resources and channelling your products to multiple channels 
  • Future-proof your business 
  • Eliminate the cost of time-consuming, manual and repetitive tasks 

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