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From strategic bottom-lines to green numbers in quarterly reports, the benefits of good product information management are visible throughout entire organizations. Normalized, rich and available data enables smooth workflow, collaboration and delivery – which directly translate to increased conversion rates, reduced costs, and improved margins. Content quantity and complexity can be a challenge, but well maintained data ensures long life-cycle and compliance for products and processes.

  • Reduced costs, improved margins & profits
  • Improved internal workflow, enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes 
  • Product teams routinely ship better-designed and higher-performing products to market faster than before 
  • Smoother, streamlined shopping experience = increased sales (Product experience management) 
  • Better product data quality and compliance with industry standards 
  • Platform for Product Experience Management
    (targeting product information precisely, offering meaningful purchase recommendations) 


Good product data enables you to focus less on labor intensive tasks & problem solving, and more on selling your products.


Eliminate data silos and increase data sharing between teams.
Teams with minimal overhead perform better at a reduced cost.


Normalized data is available for planning, design, marketing, and sales processes, resulting in higher performing products.


Well maintained and structured product information serves as a platform for superior purchasing experience.

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