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Product Management Services

Companies with quality product information data consistently out-sell their competitors – incidentally, incomplete data leads to lower conversion rates directly affecting revenue and margin. Our services are built around improving, optimizing, and facilitating product information data with your success in mind. Whether you’re looking for consultation, collaboration management, additional resources, or a brochure for your new product, we have your back.

Why consider product management as a service?

  • Optimize your resources and focus on developing & selling your products 
  • Increase profits by maximising the potential of your current solutions 
  • Facilitate your upscaling by optimizing your available resources and channelling your products to multiple channels 
  • Future-proof your business 
  • Eliminate the cost of time-consuming, manual and repetitive tasks 

Benefits of good product information management for your business … 

  • Reduced costs, overhead, and time consumption
  • Increase in sales, profit, and margin
  • Improved internal workflow, enhanced collaboration, streamlined processes 
  • Product teams routinely ship better-designed and higher-performing products to market faster than before 
  • Better product data quality and compliance with industry standards 

… and for your clients

  • Platform for Product Experience Management
    (targeting product information precisely, offering meaningful purchase recommendations)
  • Smoother, streamlined shopping experience equals increased sales

What can we offer? 

  • Over 30 years of experience in product management, sterling service, advanced & fine-tuned processes utilizing the best practices
  • Full spectrum of services including consultation, collaboration management, additional resources, and more
  • Efficient version and life-cycle management 
  • Internal & external collaboration management services combined with agile content creation, advertisement, translation, and publishing services 
  • Collaboration facilitation between product owners, team leaders & marketing and sales departments
  • A full service Content Studio producing technical, marketing, and sales material in all media formats

Let’s work together on your next project

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